Each year, the National Officers of Alpha Psi Omega/Delta Psi Omega will select from nominated candidates, two recipients of Alpha Psi Omega/Delta Psi Omega Scholarships each in the amount of $1500 to be used by the recipient to further her/his education and/or professional goals in theatre. Nominations must be made by faculty sponsors of APO/DPO chapters or by the chapter itself. Nominees should be informed of the nomination and the following materials should be submitted to the National Office no later then January 15th of each year. Winners will be announced at the annual national meeting of APO/DPO at the Southeastern Theatre Conference (winners will be informed as early as possible so that they may attend the meeting if they wish; otherwise, the scholarship will be sent directly to the recipient following the annual meeting. Student members of APO/DPO should be nominated for outstanding achievement in theatre work and academic performance (a minimum 3.0 GPA or its equivalent is required). Nominations must include:

  1. Name/Address of Faculty Sponsor and/or Chapter making the nomination.
  2. Name/Address of the nominee.
  3. Letter of recommendation from Faculty Sponsor. This should outline the reasons for the nomination.
  4. 1500 word essay by the nominee describing her/his future plans and goals.
  5. A resumé of the nominee’s theatrical activities and academic achievements, honors, etc.
  6. A current transcript of the nominee’s academic record.
  7. All files attached must be in PDF format or a very cryptic error message will result and your application will not process
  8. The Faculty Sponsor should send all materials requested in items one through six to the National Office using the form below. All of the necessary materials must be sent and received for a nomination to be considered. The National Officers of APO/DPO reserve the right to give no scholarship or only one depending on the quality of nominations received. Only one nomination per chapter may be made each year and the nominated student must be enrolled at the nominating chapter’s institution at the time the nomination is submitted.