Alpha Psi Omega (ΑΨΩ) is a National Theatre Honor Society for participants in collegiate theatre. It began in the early 20th century as result of the growing interest in dramatic arts among colleges and universities throughout America, with the aim of encouraging dramatic production at every step in a person’s academic career.

Alpha Psi Omega has enjoyed continuous national growth and, with over 600 casts, is the largest national honor society in America. Colleges and universities of recognized standing, having an established theatre program or theatre club for the purpose of producing plays, will be eligible for membership.

Membership is open to students (primarily undergraduate) who are active in collegiate/university theatre at four-year institutions (full colleges and universities). Our “sister society”, Delta Psi Omega (ΔΨΩ) was founded in 1929 as the official junior-college division of Alpha Psi Omega. Both societies are governed by the same National Officers yet have a separate coat-of-arms and induction ceremony.