Chapter Membership

Each chapter is expected to qualify at least one induction class every two years. It is assumed that an academic theatre organization worthy of a charter in ALPHA PSI OMEGA will have a theatre production program extensive enough to meet this minimum requirement.

DUES: Dues take the form of $30 per new inductee of Alpha Psi Omega or $15 per new inductee of Delta Psi Omega, only when they are first inducted.

Online Registration of New Members

In order to register and pay the dues of new members online, a chapter’s Faculty Advisor must have an account set up on the national website, and they must be able to pay the dues via a credit card.  Each new member must be entered using the Online New Member Registration form.  Then the Faculty Advisor must log in, verify the new members to be registered, and submit payment of dues via the shopping cart in the upper right.

“Offline” Registration of New Members

For those chapters that, for reasons outside of their control, can not pay their new member dues via PayPal, the following forms are available to fill, print out, and send to our National Business Manager along with payment.

Alpha Psi Omega Induction Report Form

Delta Psi Omega Induction Report Form

It is required that new members be reported to the National Office within 2 weeks of their Induction. We would prefer the form be typed and emailed, so we are providing it as a Word document. At this time, payment of the dues still has to be done via the US Postal Service, although we are working on that and hope to have this a fully-electronic process shortly.

MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES: Wallet-size membership cards and larger certificates are sent automatically after induction reports are filed and dues are received by the National Office.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be conferred only after writing the National Office justifying the individual’s selection and after receiving permission from the National Office. Honorary members may be other faculty, members of the local community, administrators of the college or university, or others who contribute continuously to theatre activities.  Students who do not meet the “normal” requirements for membership are extremely unlikely to be approved for Honorary membership.  Those already holding membership in Alpha Psi Omega, Honorary or otherwise, are already members and do not need to be nominated for Honorary status, even if they are now contributing to a chapter other than the one which honored them previously.

Nomination for Honorary Membership

Chapter Business

The Faculty Sponsor is responsible for seeing that the chapter does not become merely a social organization, but a serious organization aimed at promoting theatre on the home campus, encouraging new talent, and rewarding those who serve the college or university theatre. The Faculty Sponsor should also provide a place for the chapter records, national constitution, and other publications. The names and addresses of all members should be kept in a special roll book with these records.

FREQUENCY OF INDUCTION: A chapter may admit new members as often as necessary during the school year, but admission of new members once each academic year is recommended. Please note, if an induction report and national dues are not submitted after a two year period, the chapter will be placed on inactive status. Induction report forms with names and addresses accompanied by national dues should be forwarded to the National Business Office at least two weeks after the induction ceremony.

SUPPLIES: Wallbanners with block letters in the society colors, pins, membership scrolls, charter, national constitution, ceremonies, official song, back issues of Playbill, and so forth may be ordered from the National Office.

Paperless Reporting of New Members

To save trees and the growing number of file cabinets, the National Office is requesting that new chapter members are reported electronically to the Business Manager. For several months now the Business Manager has been converting all chapter files into PDFs for each school. Each chapter will have an electronic file that has all its history in it.

Report all new inducted members by listing inductee school, faculty sponsor & e-mail, mailing address, inductee name, and classification of inductee. Do this by e-mailing a Word or PDF document to National Business Manager Sally Story. These documents will be filed in your chapter’s electronic folder.

This also means that if your chapter orders your file (for a fee of $15), it will be e-mailed to the faculty sponsor. No more paper copies of chapter files!

Please begin this with your next new inductee report.

We hope to make this process fully electronic in the near future.

Note: The Constitution and Ceremonies of THE ALPHA PSI OMEGA NATIONAL THEATRE HONOR SOCIETY have been published in several editions. The first and second editions were written and edited by ALPHA PSI OMEGA founder Paul F. Opp with the assistance of Elinor Watson Carroll. In 1931, a third edition was edited by B. W. Morrow, Lester Raines, J. R. Besse, and Margaret Blackburn. A fourth edition was published in 1939 under the editorship of Earl W. Blank, Frederick Haaskarl, Phillip Parkinson, Margaret Jayne Collett, and ALPHA PSI OMEGA founder Paul F. Opp. In 1958, a fifth edition was edited by Ray J. Harshfield and Ronald Oesterreich. The 1985 sixth edition was edited by Susan S. Cole, Donald P. Garner, and Jerry Henderson. The seventh edition was edited in 1997 by Susan S. Cole, E. Teresa Choate, and James Fisher. The eighth and current edition was edited in 2009 by E. Teresa Choate, Frankie Day, Bret Jones, and Joel Lord. Additional revision made to the Recommended Point System, March 2011.

Click here to view The Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Societies Constitution

Click here to view Sample Chapter Constitution