It is REQUIRED that each Chapter’€™s Faculty Sponsor seek guidance from their college/university’s Office of Student Life, Dean of Students, etc. as appropriate to ensure adherence to all applicable college/university’s rules and local and state laws as to what constitutes hazing, and not only strictly follow but exceed those standards.

Hazing has been defined as any activity that endangers the physical safety of another person, or produces mental or physical discomfort; causes embarrassment, fright, humiliation, or ridicule; or degrades the individual.

The National Office policy prohibits hazing during the induction period and induction ceremony. It is permissible to ask inductees to participate in activities that are fun, theatre centered, and which strengthen the relationship between the inductees and the members. No inductee may be asked to participate in any activity that is demeaning, embarrassing, or physically dangerous nor may they be harassed by current or alumni members. No inductee can be required to participate in any activity outside of the National Requirements listed in the 2009 revised National Constitution and Ceremonies if the inductee is unable or unwilling to do so. Most inductees are willing to participate in group activities that are fun and appropriate. The induction card indicates those pieces of information which inductee are expected to know. However, not knowing the Shakespeare selection and/or the Greek alphabet are not reasons for excluding anyone from the society if an honest attempt was made by the inductee.

Invitation to Join

It is an honor to be selected for membership in Alpha Psi Omega/Delta Psi Omega, and prospective members work hard to meet the requirements for the societies. Chapters should state and post clearly what requirements must be met and how one may apply for membership. National Standards, listed in the 2009 revised National Constitution, may be raised by individual chapters but may not be lowered. It is important to keep in mind that this is an Honor Society, not a social fraternity or sorority. Once students have achieved the requirements, they are invited to join.

Some chapters vote on prospective members who have met the requirements but may decide to wait until later to invite the student to join for the following reasons: there is not a sufficient number or a good balance of inductees to form a viable induction class, because the GPA and participation points are not sufficient, or because the chapter feels that the prospective inductee needs to exhibit a better attitude toward the work or a more mature behavior. In these cases, the student should be notified officially in writing by the chapter’s Faculty Sponsor as directed by the vote of the chapter as to what needs to be done to
achieve induction status.

Induction Period

Activities during the induction period must be voluntary.

Induction Ceremony

The only Induction Ceremony recognized by the National Office is the ceremony issued by the National Office. Chapters must adhere to the National Induction Ceremony strictly, and inductees must participate in all aspects of said National Induction Ceremony.

Acceptable Reasons to Withdraw an Inductee from the Induction Process

  • Engaging in any illegal activity that would reflect negatively on the organization, program, or college/university.
  • Engaging in an activity that violates the college/university’€™s student code of conduct.
  • Academic standards fall below the national standard or higher local standard.
  • Dismissal from a production by a faculty director or guest director for disciplinary reasons.
  • Refusal to participate in the National Induction Ceremony.