Alpha Psi Omega Seeking National Business Manager Candidates

The National Office of Alpha Psi Omega is seeking self-nominations for the position of National Business Manager.  No person will be eligible for election to a national office except graduates or faculty members of the society actively engaged in theatre activities.  The office of business manager will be held by a full-time theatre faculty from an accredited college or university in order to assure housing of the national records, archives, and supplies at the business manager’s college or university.  The responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Handling email correspondence with chapters
  • Maintaining chapter records
  • Collecting, organizing, laying out, printing, stuffing, and mailing the National Newsletter (Playbill)
  • Maintaining inventory of supplies
  • Filling and shipping orders from chapters for supplies
  • Managing the finances of Alpha Psi Omega
  • Retaining an accountant to handle filing of appropriate tax forms
  • Maintaining the Alpha Psi Omega and Delta Psi Omega intellectual property appropriately
  • Attend the South Eastern Theatre Conference every year for the Annual Meeting
  • Attend any special meetings that might be called

Please submit a cover letter and CV to our current National Business Manager, Dr. Bret Jones.  This posting will remain open until filled.

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