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Dues take the form of $30 per new inductee, only when they are first inducted.

Per the National Constitution, each chapter must induct new members at least once every two years or it will be considered inactive.  This payment of dues is the only way we have to know that new members have been inducted and therefore that a chapter is active.

Alpha Psi Omega Induction Report Form (Word doc)
Delta Psi Omega Induction Report Form (Word doc)
It is required that new members be reported to the National Office within 2 weeks of their Induction. We would prefer the form be typed and emailed, so we are providing it as a Word document. At this time, payment of the dues still has to be done via the US Postal Service, although we are working on that and hope to have this a fully-electronic process shortly.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Memberships in Alpha Psi Omega or Delta Psi Omega require case-by-case approval of the National Office.  Please fill out the following form and email it according to the instructions on the form for approval.

Nomination for Honorary Membership


To save trees and the growing number of file cabinets, the National Office is requesting that new chapter members are reported electronically to the Business Manager.  For several months now the Business Manager has been converting all chapter files into PDFs for each school.  Each chapter will have an electronic file that has all its history in it.

Report all new inducted members by listing inductee school, faculty sponsor & e-mail, mailing address, inductee name, and classification of inductee.  Do this by e-mailing a Word or PDF document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  These documents will be filed in your chapter’s electronic folder.

This also means that if your chapter orders your file (for a fee of $15), it will be e-mailed to the faculty sponsor.  No more paper copies of chapter files!

Please begin this with your next new inductee report.

We hope to make this process fully electronic in the near future.