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On or about March 8, 2003, the National Board of Alpha and Delta Psi Omegas officially formed a Regional organization structure.

Map of Regions

The Regions are:

REGION 1: Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah


REGION 2: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin


REGION 3: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maritime Provinces, Maryland, Delaware, DC, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania


REGION 4: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Puerto Rico


REGION 5: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

The new Regional Representatives were charged with increasing activity and organizing conferences among the casts in their respective Regions.



Each year, the National Officers of Alpha Psi Omega/Delta Psi Omega will select from nominated candidates, two recipients of Alpha Psi Omega/Delta Psi Omega Scholarships each in the amount of $1500 to be used by the recipient to further her/his education and/or professional goals in theatre. Nominations must be made by faculty sponsors of APO/DPO chapters or by the chapter itself. Nominees should be informed of the nomination and the following materials should be submitted to the National Office no later then January 15th of each year. Winners will be announced at the annual national meeting of APO/DPO at the Southeastern Theatre Conference (winners will be informed as early as possible so that they may attend the meeting if they wish; otherwise, the scholarship will be sent directly to the recipient following the annual meeting. Student members of APO/DPO should be nominated for outstanding achievement in theatre work and academic performance (a minimum 3.0 GPA or its equivalent is required). Nominations must include:

  1. Name/Address of Faculty Sponsor and/or Chapter making the nomination.
  2. Name/Address of the nominee.
  3. Letter of recommendation from Faculty Sponsor. This should outline the reasons for the nomination.
  4. 1500 word essay by the nominee describing her/his future plans and goals.
  5. A resumé of the nominee's theatrical activities and academic achievements, honors, etc.
  6. A current transcript of the nominee's academic record.
  7. The Faculty Sponsor should send all materials requested in items one through sixe to the National Office. All of the necessary materials must be sent and received for a nomination to be considered. The National Officers of APO/DPO reserve the right to give no scholarship or only one depending on the quality of nominations received. Only one nomination per chapter may be made each year and the nominated student must be enrolled at the nominating chapter's institution at the time the nomination is submitted.


Dr. Bret Jones, National Business Manager, APO/DPO
Alpha Psi Omega
Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount St.
Box 153
Wichita, KS  67260

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hazing Policy

National Policies on Hazing, Invitation to
Join, Induction Period, and Induction Ceremony


It is REQUIRED that each Chapter’s Faculty Sponsor seek guidance from their college/university's Office of Student Life, Dean of Students, etc. as appropriate to ensure adherence to all applicable college/university's rules and local and state laws as to what constitutes hazing, and not only strictly follow but exceed those standards.

Hazing has been defined as any activity that endangers the physical safety of another person, or produces mental or physical discomfort; causes embarrassment, fright, humiliation, or ridicule; or degrades the individual.

The National Office policy prohibits hazing during the induction period and induction ceremony. It is permissible to ask inductees to participate in activities that are fun, theatre centered, and which strengthen the relationship between the inductees and the members. No inductee may be asked to participate in any activity that is demeaning, embarrassing, or physically dangerous nor may they be harassed by current or alumni members. No inductee can be required to participate in any activity outside of the National Requirements listed in the 2009 revised National Constitution and Ceremonies if the inductee is unable or unwilling to do so. Most inductees are willing to participate in group activities that are fun and appropriate. The induction card indicates those pieces of information which inductee are expected to know. However, not knowing the Shakespeare selection and/or the Greek alphabet are not reasons for
excluding anyone from the society if an honest attempt was made by the inductee.

Invitation to Join

It is an honor to be selected for membership in Alpha Psi Omega/Delta Psi Omega, and prospective members work hard to meet the requirements for the societies. Chapters should state and post clearly what requirements must be met and how one may apply for membership. National Standards, listed in the 2009 revised National Constitution, may be raised by individual chapters but may not be lowered. It is important to keep in mind that this is an Honor Society, not a social fraternity or sorority. Once students have achieved the requirements, they are invited to join.

Some chapters vote on prospective members who have met the requirements but may decide to wait until later to invite the student to join for the following reasons: there is not a sufficient number or a good balance of inductees to form a viable induction class, because the GPA and participation points are not sufficient, or because the chapter feels that the prospective inductee needs to exhibit a better attitude toward the work or a more mature behavior. In these cases, the student should be notified officially in writing by the chapter’s Faculty Sponsor as directed by the vote of the chapter as to what needs to be done to
achieve induction status.

Induction Period

Activities during the induction period must be voluntary.

Induction Ceremony

The only Induction Ceremony recognized by the National Office is the ceremony issued by the National Office. Chapters must adhere to the National Induction Ceremony strictly, and inductees must participate in all aspects of said National Induction Ceremony.

Acceptable Reasons to Withdraw an Inductee from the Induction Process

Engaging in any illegal activity that would reflect negatively on the organization, program, or college/university.

Engaging in an activity that violates the college/university’s student code of conduct.

Academic standards fall below the national standard or higher local standard.

Dismissal from a production by a faculty director or guest director for disciplinary reasons.

Refusal to participate in the National Induction Ceremony.


Form a New Chapter

Five Steps to Forming a New Chapter

(or Reactivating an Old One)

Better... the forms themselves


The sponsor should be a full time faculty member in the department of Speech or Theatre (unless the academic and production activities are in some other discipline). All correspondence is sent to the advisor, unless the advisor elects to do otherwise.


The theatre staff and/or advisor will supply the sponsor with records of new candidates. Most chapters operate by point guidelines. A suggested point system is outlined in the constitution and can be adjusted to each chapter's needs.


The National office will, upon request, make the faculty sponsor an honorary member and authorize him/her to induct the new members and elect officers. In order to do so, you will need to order the ceremonies book from the National Office.

Once an initiation ceremony has been conducted, send the initiation report to the National Office with each individual's dues (These are paid only one time per member). Membership cards for each person on the report will be mailed. Faculty sponsors become honorary members and are not required to pay dues.


The by-laws should include qualifications for membership and anything else that is relevant to your chapter. In most institutions, the administration requires that the constitution and by-laws of student organizations be deposited in the office of student affairs. The National Constitution can be used as a guideline in developing your by-laws. The constitution is available online here.


Charter - If you have lost your chapter's charter, you may purchase a replacement. This is not required as you already have a chapter and charter at your school.

Supplies - Supplies are ordered from the National Office. Supplies available include: pledge cards, membership cards, jewelry, scroll, charter, constitution, ceremonies book, membership certificates, and a wall banner. Costs of each are printed on the Supplies page.

Honorary - Alpha Psi Omega chapters are not normally producing organizations but are honorary and run simultaneously with the regular producing organization. Close cooperation and motivation for succeeding are essential for a smooth running and meaningful cast. Most casts establish awards to keep students active and motivated.

For additional information, you can contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..










Its Aims and Purpose


ALPHA PSI OMEGA was organized as a theatre honor society for the purpose of providing acknowledgement to those demonstrating a high standard of accomplishment in theatre and, through the expansion of ALPHA PSI OMEGA among colleges and universities, providing a wider fellowship for those interested in theatre. The society is not intended to take the place of any regular theatre clubs or producing groups, but as students qualify they may be rewarded by election to membership in this society.

This booklet is intended to serve as a source of information for members of the society. Secondly, it will place before those interested in theatre the goals of ALPHA PSI OMEGA and demonstrate what can be accomplished to stimulate interest in college and university theatre by an honor society whose goal is fellowship and service.


Founded August 12, 1925

Revised March 4, 2011


* * * * * * * * * *








We, the members of ALPHA PSI OMEGA, in order to develop talents in all aspects of theatre, to foster the cultural values we believe theatre develops, and to encourage cooperation and collaboration among member chapters, do hereby form and establish this constitution of THE ALPHA PSI OMEGA NATIONAL THEATRE HONOR SOCIETY.


Article I

Name and Classification


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the ALPHA PSI OMEGA NATIONAL THEATRE HONOR SOCIETY.

Section 2. The name of this honor society, ALPHA PSI OMEGA, may be employed only in connection with the official activities of a chapter or the national organization. Special permission for the use of said name may be granted only by the National Office.

Section. 3. ALPHA PSI OMEGA NATIONAL THEATRE HONOR SOCIETY is solely an undergraduate society at four-year colleges and universities.


Article II



Section 1. Colleges and universities of recognized standing, having an established theatre program or theatre club for the purpose of producing plays, will be eligible for membership.

Section 2. Qualification for individual membership may be determined by individual chapters, but should include active participation in theatre work. Chapters must adopt a set of local standards based on the following (a chapter may raise but may not lower these standards):

(a) Completed at least two semesters of participation in theatre work at the college/university.

(b) Participation in a variety of production tasks (acting, directing, playwriting, front-of-house management, technical theatre, dramaturgy, production research, and other appropriate theatrical responsibilities). A point system has proven to be an effective means of fairly determining membership eligibility. The point spread allows each chapter to determine an appropriate point assignment based on level, degree, and quality of work in each category.


A Recommended Minimum Point System


A total of 75 points from the following categories (including participation in at least 2 areas of categories 1 through 6) is necessary to be eligible for admission into ALPHA PSI OMEGA.

Category 1. Theatre Performance

Acting (15-30 pts.)

Dance (15-30 pts.)

Singing (15-30 pts.)

Category 2. Theatre Production

Design (20-30 pts.)

Producing (20-30 pts.)

Stage Management (20-30 pts.)

Production Coach/Other (5-25 pts.)

Crew Chiefs (10-20 pts.)

Construction Crews (10-20 pts.)

Running Crews (5-15 pts.)

Front-of-House (1-15 pts.)

Public Relations/Publicity/Marketing (5-20 pts.)

Category 3. Directing

Stage directing (25-40 pts.)

Choreography (20-30 pts.)

Musical directing (20-30 pts.)

Category 4. Dramaturgy: (20-40 pts.)

Category 5. Playwriting:

Play/Book for musical: (10-30 pts.)

Musical Composition for Theatre Performance (10-30 pts.)

Category 6. Theatre Education (above and beyond class requirements)

Seminar leader or presenter (10-30)

Workshop leader or presenter (10-30)

Panel member or presenter (10-30)


Category 7. Special: Officer in Drama/Theatre Organization/Club (5-10 pts.)

Category 8. Special: Membership in Delta Psi Omega (50 pts.)

(c) G.P.A. of 2.5 or better.

(d) The local chapter may not allow standards to fall below these guidelines.

(e) Honorary and faculty membership may be conferred after securing permission from the National Office.

Section 3. Members of good standing in Alpha Psi Omega who transfer to another college or university with an Alpha Psi Omega chapter automatically are accepted into membership.

Section 4. Term of national membership: membership in this honor society is for life, and it may not be terminated.

Article III

National Organization


Section 1. The organization will consist of the following: The National Office (consisting of the national officers), the regional representatives, and active chapters located at four-year colleges and universities.

Section 2. The National Officers will consist of a President, Vice-President, Business Manager, and Web Administrator.

Section 3. The National Officers are the supreme governing body of the society and are supported by regional representatives. The society and the delegates from the chapters will conduct the business of the society at the annual National Meeting. During the interim between National Meetings, the National Officers will conduct the business of the society.

Section 4. No person will be eligible for election to a national office except graduates or faculty members of the society actively engaged in theatre activities. The offices of president and vice-president will be held by full-time or retired theatre faculty from an accredited college or university. The office of business manager will be held by a full-time theatre faculty from an accredited college or university in order to assure housing of the national records, archives, and supplies at the business manager’s college or university. The Web Administrator must have experience and expertise in the area of web design and maintenance. Regional representatives will be held by full-time or retired theatre faculty from an accredited college or university and must reside in their region unless an exception is allowed by the National Office.

Section 5. Regional representatives are delegated for the following areas: REGION 1 (Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah); REGION 2 (Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin); REGION 3 (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maritime Provinces, Maryland, Delaware, DC, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania); REGION 4 (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Puerto Rico); REGION 5 (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas).


Article IV



Section 1. The National Officers will conduct the business of the society.

Section 2. There will be an annual National Meeting open to all chapters at a location designated by the National Officers.

Section 3. Elections will be held for the posts of President, Vice-President, Business Manager, and Web Administrator when a post is vacated.

Section 4. Regional representatives will be appointed by the National Officers for minimum terms of three years.

Section 5. The actions of the National Meetings are not subject to ratification by individual chapters except through amendment to the constitution as herein provided.

Section 6. National Officers and Regional Representatives may resign their position at any time but should give the National Office ample time to secure a replacement.

Section 7. National Officers and Regional Representatives may be removed from their position by majority vote of the National Officers.


Article V

Powers and Duties


Section 1. Executive, Administrative, and Judicial duties will be vested in the National Office.

Section 2. The duties of the President are: (a) upholding the standards and guidelines of the society, (b) presiding at all National Meetings, (c) appointing national committees, and (d) appointing the Regional Representatives. The President may, on extraordinary occasions, call a special meeting.

Section 3. The Vice-President will succeed to the duties and office of President in cases where the President is unable to fulfill the term of office. It is the Vice-President’s duty to be cognizant of all the affairs and policies of the society.

Section 4. The Business Manager will conduct the business and correspondence of the society, keep an account of all receipts and expenditures, deliver an annual report at the national officer’s meeting, and is responsible for editing and distribution of the annual society publication, Playbill.

Section 5. The Web Administrator will maintain and update the content of the national web site.

Section 6. Regional Representatives are the contact person for chapters and faculty sponsors in their regions. Any proposed regional gatherings must be approved by the Regional Representative after consultation with the National Office. Regional Representatives answer queries concerning basic society functions and standards. Regional Representatives may refer some issues to the National Office in the areas of executive, administrative, and judicial matters.

Section 7. Any expenditures beyond typical operational costs must be approved by the National Office.

Section 8. The National Business Manager and Web Administrator will receive stipends as determined by the National Office due to the extent of their duties.


Article VI

New Chapters


Section 1. New chapters will be admitted to the society by petition to the National Office.

Section 2. When a college or university applies for a chapter, a Faculty Sponsor will submit an application to the National Office, containing the names of at least five students qualified for membership and such other information as the National Business Manager may require.

Section 3. The charter fee is designated by the National Office.

Section 4. When chapters are established, ceremony guidelines will be sent to the Faculty Sponsor who will represent the National Office and conduct the installation of the new chapter.

Section 5. Chapters will be named by the National Office from the Greek alphabet in order of their establishment.

Section 6. When a chapter of ALPHA PSI OMEGA is installed, former students and graduates of the college/university who qualify are eligible for election to honorary membership in the new chapter.

Section 7. When a chapter is established, a local constitution (following the sample local constitution as model) must be drawn up and submitted to the National Business Manager.


Article VII

Dues and Fees


Section 1. There will be a one-time national induction fee for each new member as designated by the National Office.

Section 2. Failure to remit induction reports and national fees for a period of two years will result in the chapter being placed on inactive status.


Article VIII



Section 1. There will be colors, crest, and a banner according to designs and specifications in the hands of the National Business Manager as have been adopted by THE ALPHA PSI OMEGA NATIONAL THEATRE HONOR SOCIETY.

Section 2. The official insignia pin bears the colors, motto, and crest of the society. These can be ordered from the National Office.

Section 3. The significance of the colors, motto, and crest of the society are identified in the Induction Ceremony.

Article IX

National Publications


Section 1. There will be an official publication of ALPHA PSI OMEGA entitled Playbilland copies will be distributed to each chapter annually at the time of its publication, as well as published on the national web site.

Section 2. The ceremonies, charters, and other printed materials for the transaction of official business will be prepared and issued by the National Office.


Article X

National Polices


Section 1. National policy on invitation-to-join the membership and induction period and induction ceremony must be adhered to by all chapters.

Section 2. The National Office has a zero tolerance hazing policy. Chapters must adhere to the national policy of Alpha Psi Omega, as well as their college/university’s and/or state policies on hazing.

Article XI



Section 1. This constitution is subject to amendment at National Meetings if amendments are submitted to the National Office at least one full month before the National Meeting. An amendment is approved by a vote of at least two-thirds of the membership present at the National Meeting.


* * * * * * * * * *




To assist new chapters in writing local constitutions, the National Office offers the following model:





Article 1



The purpose of this, the Chapter of ALPHA PSI OMEGA is to stimulate interest in theatre activities at __________________ (college or university) and to secure for the college/university all the advantages and mutual helpfulness provided by a large national honor society. By electing students to membership the society provides a reward for their participation in theatre activities of the college/university. The chapter is not intended to take the place of any existing theatre organization.


Article 2



Section 1. To be eligible for membership in this chapter of ALPHA PSI OMEGA the student must be regularly enrolled in this college or university.

Section 2. After meeting the requirements of the National Constitution, the local chapter may establish higher or additional criteria for eligibility.

Section 3. Honorary membership may be bestowed on persons who have made special continued contributions to the theatre program of a particular college or university after approval from the National Office.


Article 3

Election to Membership


Section 1. Candidates will be elected to membership by the active membership of their chapter.


Article 4

Officers and Duties


Section 1. The officers of this chapter will be the President, Vice-President, and Business Manager. (Additional officers may be specified as need demands--many chapters have Secretaries, Historians, and/or Parliamentarians, for example).

Section 2. The President will call meetings, preside at all meetings, appoint committees, and provide general supervision of the affairs of the society in consultation with the Faculty Sponsor.

Section 3. The Vice-President will assist the President and assume the responsibilities of the President in case of his/her absence.

Section 4. It will be the duty of the Business Manager to collect all dues and assessments of members; to pay bills sanctioned by the society; to keep an account of all receipts and expenditures (with the assistance of the Vice-President); to keep and read minutes of meetings; and report on the financial status of the chapter at each regular meeting. (Additional duties may be assigned as necessary.)


Article 5

Election of Officers


Section 1. Officers for the following year will be elected at a regular spring meeting and formally installed by the incumbent officers.

Section 2. Officers will be elected by a majority vote of the chapter.

Section 3. If officers do not return to school, new officers will be elected to fill the vacancies at the next meeting.


Article 6



Section 1. There will be at least one regular meeting of the chapter each term.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President or at the request of the Faculty Sponsor.

Section 3. A Quorum will consist of a majority of the chapter’s active membership.


Article 7

Induction, Fees, and Assessments


Section 1. One-time national dues with induction report must be paid to the National Office within two weeks of the induction.

Section 2. In addition to the required national dues, the chapter may require any local dues as deemed necessary or appropriate.

Section 3. Each inductee may be required by their chapter to purchase an ALPHA PSI OMEGA pin.

Section 4. Special assessments may be levied on members only by a two-thirds vote of the active membership.


Article 8



Section 1. The standing committees of the chapter will be:

(a) Executive Committee. This committee will be composed of the elected officers and the Faculty Sponsor. This committee will handle all minor business arising between meetings.

(b) Induction Committee. The Faculty Sponsor and President will confer and appoint this committee, which is the chapter induction team for conducting the induction ceremony.

(c) Each chapter will encourage formation of an alumni chapter among graduates and former members of the chapter as appropriate.

(d) Other standing committees may be appointed as deemed necessary.


Article 9



Section 1. The articles of this constitution may be amended, revised, or altered in whole or in part at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members of the chapter, provided such amendment and a notice of the proposed vote is given to each member in writing at least one week prior to the vote.


Article 10



Section 1. Additional by-laws may be adopted at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the active membership.

Section 2. The chapter will keep an accurate record of each member with accomplishments in the field of the theatre.

Section 3. Each chapter will submit to the National Business Manager (who edits the annual Playbill) the following: university name, city, state; chapter name; season for the current year; list of chapter officers; list of faculty and staff; list of cast, tech crew, director for each photograph submitted, and the annual production photographs for inclusion in Playbill at the discretion of the National Business Manager.


* * * * * * * * * *




CHAPTER BUSINESS: The Faculty Sponsor is responsible for seeing that the chapter does not become merely a social organization, but a serious organization aimed at promoting theatre on the home campus, encouraging new talent, and rewarding those who serve the college or university theatre. The Faculty Sponsor should also provide a place for the chapter records, national constitution, and other publications. The names and addresses of all members should be kept in a special roll book with these records.

FREQUENCY OF INDUCTION: A chapter may admit new members as often as necessary during the school year, but admission of new members once each academic year is recommended. Please note, if an induction report and national dues are not submitted after a two year period, the chapter will be placed on inactive status. Induction report forms with names and addresses accompanied by national dues should be forwarded to the National Business Office at least two weeks after the induction ceremony.

CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP: Each chapter is expected to qualify at least one induction class every two years. It is assumed that an academic theatre organization worthy of a charter in ALPHA PSI OMEGA will have a theatre production program extensive enough to meet this minimum requirement.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Honorary Membership may be conferred only after writing the National Office justifying the individual’s selection and after receiving permission from the National Office. Honorary members may be other faculty, members of the local community, administrators of the college or university, or others who contribute continuously to theatre activities. Honorary members do not have voting privileges. In initiating honorary members, the procedure may consist simply of presenting the honorary member with the membership card at a regular chapter meeting with an appropriate speech by a chapter officer.

MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES: Wallet-size membership cards and larger certificates are sent automatically after induction reports are filed and dues are received by the National Office.

SUPPLIES: Wallbanners with block letters in the society colors, pins, membership scrolls, charter, national constitution, ceremonies, official song, back issues of Playbill, and so forth may be ordered from the National Office.


Note: The Constitution and Ceremonies of THE ALPHA PSI OMEGA NATIONAL THEATRE HONOR SOCIETY have been published in several editions. The first and second editions were written and edited by ALPHA PSI OMEGA founder Paul F. Opp with the assistance of Elinor Watson Carroll. In 1931, a third edition was edited by B. W. Morrow, Lester Raines, J. R. Besse, and Margaret Blackburn. A fourth edition was published in 1939 under the editorship of Earl W. Blank, Frederick Haaskarl, Phillip Parkinson, Margaret Jayne Collett, and ALPHA PSI OMEGA founder Paul F. Opp. In 1958, a fifth edition was edited by Ray J. Harshfield and Ronald Oesterreich. The 1985 sixth edition was edited by Susan S. Cole, Donald P. Garner, and Jerry Henderson. The seventh edition was edited in 1997 by Susan S. Cole, E. Teresa Choate, and James Fisher. The eighth and current edition was edited in 2009 by E. Teresa Choate, Frankie Day, Bret Jones, and Joel Lord. Additional revision made to the Recommended Point System, March 2011.