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Last Dues Paid
Wabash College (Scarlet Masque chapter)  ΑΨΩ Crawfordsville, IN Spring 2004
Wagner College ΑΨΩ Staten Island, NY Spring 1971
Wake Forest University ΑΨΩ Wake Forest, NC Spring 1959
Waldorf College (Α Ε Ω chapter) ΑΨΩ Forest City, IA Spring 2010
Walker College ΔΨΩ Jasper, AL Spring 1977
Wartburg College ΑΨΩ Waverly, IA Fall 1968
Washburn University ΑΨΩ Topeka, KS Spring 1991
Washington and Jefferson College (Λ chapter) ΑΨΩ WA, PA Summer 2016
Washington and Lee University (Γ chapter) ΑΨΩ Lexington, VA Fall 2014
Washington College ΑΨΩ Chestertown, MD Fall 1968
Washtenaw Community College ΔΨΩ Ann Arbor, MI Spring 1990
Wayland Baptist University (Κ Ω chapter)  ΑΨΩ Plainview, TX Spring 2012
Wayne State College ΑΨΩ Wayne, NE Fall 1989
Wayne State University ΑΨΩ Detroit, MI Spring 2017
Waynesburg College ΑΨΩ Waynesburg, PA Fall 2014
Weatherford College ΔΨΩ Weatherford, TX Spring 1991
Weber State University ΑΨΩ Ogden, UT Spring 2006
Wenatehee Valley College ΔΨΩ Wenatehee, WA Fall 1953
Wesley Junior College ΔΨΩ Dover, DE Spring 1981
Wesleyan College (Φ Ψ chapter) ΑΨΩ Macon, GA Summer 2012
Wesleyan University ΑΨΩ Middletown, CT Summer 1925
West Chester State University ΑΨΩ West Chester, PA Spring 2017
West Liberty State College ΑΨΩ West Liberty, WV Spring 2015
West New Mexico University ΑΨΩ Silver City, NM Summer 1973
West Texas A&M University ΑΨΩ Canyon, TX Spring 2000
West Virginia Institute of Technology ΑΨΩ Montgomery, WV Fall 1995
West Virginia State University ΑΨΩ Institute, WV Spring 2015
West Virginia University ΑΨΩ Morgantown, WV Fall 2010
West Virginia Wesleyan College (Α Ρ chapter) ΑΨΩ Buchannon, WV Spring 2016
Western Carolina University ΑΨΩ Cullowhee, NC Spring 1994
Western Connecticut State College ΑΨΩ Danbury, CT Fall 1976
Western Kentucky University ΑΨΩ Bowling Green, KY Spring 2018
Western Oregon State College ΑΨΩ Monmouth, OR Spring 2001
Western State College (Ζ chapter) ΑΨΩ Gunnison, CO Spring 1992
Western Texas College ΔΨΩ Snyder, TX Spring 1975
Western Wyoming College ΑΨΩ Rock Springs, WY Fall 1995
Western Wyoming Community College ΔΨΩ Rock Springs, WY Summer 1998
Westfield State College ΑΨΩ Westfield, MA Spring 1981
Westminster College (Α Θ Ν chapter) ΑΨΩ Fulton, MO Spring 2018
Westminster College ΑΨΩ New Wilmington, PA Spring 2013
Wharton County Junior College ΔΨΩ Wharton, TX Summer 1988
Wheelock College ΑΨΩ Boston, MA Fall 2000
Whittier College (Π Μ chapter) ΑΨΩ Whittier, CA Spring 2014
Whitworth College ΑΨΩ Spokane, WA Summer 1975
Wichita State University (Α Α Σ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Wichita, KS Summer 1999
Widener College ΑΨΩ Chester, PA Spring 2007
William Carey University ΑΨΩ Hattiesburg, MS Spring 2016
William Jewell College (Β Π chapter) ΑΨΩ Liberty, MO Spring 2018
William Patterson College ΑΨΩ Wayne, NJ Spring 2002
William Penn College ΑΨΩ Oskaloosa, IA Spring 2010
William Woods College ΑΨΩ Fulton, MO Spring 2010
Williams Baptist College ΑΨΩ Walnut Ridge, AR Spring 2016
Wilmington University (Ο chapter) ΑΨΩ Wilmington, OH Spring 1961
Wingate Junior College ΔΨΩ Wingate, NC Spring 1982
Wingate University (Ξ Δ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Wingate, NC Fall 2007
Winona State University (Α Γ Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ Winona, MN Spring 2016
Winston Salem State University (Α Θ Α chapter) ΑΨΩ Winston Salem, NC Spring 2016
Winthrop University (Δ Μ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Rock Hill, SC Spring 2018
Wisconsin State University ΑΨΩ Superior, WI Fall 1971
Wofford College (Π chapter) ΑΨΩ Spartanburg, SC Fall 2011
Wood Junior College ΔΨΩ Mathison, MS Summer 1976
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Ρ Κ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Worcester, MA Spring 2017
Worthington Junior College ΔΨΩ Worthington, MN Spring 1975
Wright College ΔΨΩ Chicago, IL Spring 1976
Wright State University ΑΨΩ Dayton, OH Spring 1971
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