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Last Dues Paid
East Central Junior College ΔΨΩ Decatur, MS Fall 1967
East Central University (Β Ζ chapter) ΑΨΩ Ada, OK Spring 2016
East Los Angeles College ΔΨΩ Monterey Park, CA Summer 1968
East Mississippi Community College ΔΨΩ Scooba, MS Spring 1998
East Stroudsburg University (Ι Ο chapter)  ΑΨΩ E. Stroudsburg, PA Spring 2018
East Tennessee State University (Λ Ε chapter) ΑΨΩ Johnson City, TN Spring 2013
East Texas Baptist College ΔΨΩ Marshall, TX Spring 1981
East Texas Baptist University ΑΨΩ Marshall, TX Spring 2015
Eastern Arizona Junior College ΔΨΩ Thatcher, AZ Spring 1975
Eastern Carolina University (Σ Ε chapter) ΑΨΩ Greenville, NC Fall 1994
Eastern Illinois University ΑΨΩ Charleston, IL Spring 2011
Eastern Kentucky University (Ζ Φ chapter) ΑΨΩ Richmond, KY Fall 2012
Eastern Michigan University (Π Α chapter) ΑΨΩ Ypsilanti, MI Spring 2018
Eastern New Mexico University (Κ Υ chapter) ΑΨΩ Portales, NM Fall 2014
Eastern Oregon University (Θ Χ chapter) ΑΨΩ La Grande, OR Spring 2017
Eastern Washington College (Ρ Ι chapter) ΑΨΩ Cheney, WA Spring 1973
Eastern Wyoming College ΔΨΩ Torrington, WY Spring 1958
Edinboro State College (Γ Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ Edinboro, PA Spring 2015
Edison Community College ΔΨΩ Fort Meyers, FL Spring 2012
Edison State College (Η Γ Ρ chapter) ΔΨΩ Punta Gorda, FL Summer 2011
Eisenhower College (Ε Β chapter) ΑΨΩ Seneca Falls, NY Spring 1920
Elizabeth City State University (Φ Ζ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Elizabeth, NC Summer 2012
Elizabethtown College (Σ Φ chapter) ΑΨΩ Elizabethtown, PA Spring 2013
Ellisworth Junior College ΔΨΩ Iowa Falls, IA Spring 1983
Elmira College (Ε Α chapter) ΑΨΩ Elmira, NY Spring 2018
Elon University (Λ Ο chapter) ΑΨΩ Elon, NC Summer 2016
Emerson College (Σ Ο chapter) ΑΨΩ Boston, MA Spring 1971
Emmanuel College (Λ Τ chapter) ΑΨΩ Boston, MA Spring 1971
Emmanuel College ΔΨΩ Franklin Springs, GA Spring 1984
Emory and Henry College (Α Μ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Emory, VA Spring 2015
Emory University (Μ Β chapter) ΑΨΩ Atlanta, GA Spring 2012
Emporia State University (Ν Ρ chapter) ΑΨΩ Emporia, KS Spring 2018
Endicott College ΔΨΩ Beverly, MA Spring 1972
Erskine College (Ρ Ψ chapter) ΑΨΩ Due West, SC Spring 2012
Eureka College (Ε Γ chapter) ΑΨΩ Eureka, IL Spring 2012
Evangel College (Ψ Η chapter) ΑΨΩ Springfield, MO Spring 1984
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