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Last Dues Paid
Dakota Wesleyan University (Ω Α chapter)  ΑΨΩ Mitchell, SD Spring 2006
Dana College (Σ Ι chapter) ΑΨΩ Blair, NE Spring 1987
Darton College ΔΨΩ Albany, GA Spring 2017
David Lipscomb College (Π Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ Nashville, TN Spring 1996
Davidson College (Ι Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ Davidson, NC Spring 2000
Davis and Elkins College (Ι Ω chapter) ΑΨΩ Elkins, WV Spring 2008
Daytona Beach Community College ΔΨΩ DeLand, FL Fall 1996
Del Mar College ΔΨΩ Corpus Christi, TX Summer 1970
Delaware State University (Α Η Ι chapter) ΑΨΩ Dover, DE Spring 2014
Delgado Community College ΔΨΩ New Orleans, LA Spring 2015
Delta State University (Ζ Ε chapter) ΑΨΩ Cleveland, MS Spring 2003
DePauw University (Α Ε Ε/Duzer Du chapter)  ΑΨΩ Greencastle, IN Summer 2016
Dickinson College (Λ Φ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Carlyle, PA Spring 1987
Dickinson State College (Γ Ξ chapter) ΑΨΩ Dickinson, ND Spring 1980
Dillard University (Renaissance Cast chapter) ΑΨΩ New Orleans, LA Spring 2015
Dixie Junior College ΔΨΩ St. George, VT Fall 1989
Doane University (Δ Ο chapter) ΑΨΩ Crete, NE Fall 2016
Dodge City Junior College ΔΨΩ Dodge City, KS Summer 1987
Dominican College (Ν Ξ chapter) ΑΨΩ New Orleans, LA Summer 1974
Drew University (Λ Η chapter) ΑΨΩ Madison, NJ Spring 1968
Drexel Institute (Ζ Ι chapter) ΑΨΩ Philadelphia, PA Fall 1961
Drury University (Ω Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ Springfield, MO Spring 2016
Duquesne University (Μ Ω chapter) ΑΨΩ Pittsburgh, PA Fall 1977
Dutchess County Community College ΔΨΩ Poughkeepsie, NY Summer 2014
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