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C. W. Post College ΑΨΩ Greenvale, NY Spring 1980
Cabrini College (Α Ζ Φ chapter) ΑΨΩ Radnor, PA Spring 2017
California Lutheran College (Σ Ρ chapter) ΑΨΩ Thousand Oaks, CA Spring 1985
California State Polytechnic College (Σ Π chapter) ΑΨΩ Pomona, CA Summer 2003
California State Polytechnic University (Δ Π chapter) ΑΨΩ San Luis Obispo, CA Summer 2003
California State University (Μ Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ Sacramento, CA Spring 1967
California State University (Ξ chapter) ΑΨΩ Chico, CA Summer 2003
California State University East Bay (Ζ Ι chapter)  ΑΨΩ Hayward, CA Fall 2007
California University of Pennsylvania (Β Ο chapter) ΑΨΩ CA, PA Spring 2015
Cameron University (Φ Λ chapter) ΑΨΩ Lawton, OK Spring 2017
Campbell University ΑΨΩ Bucks Creek, NC Summer 1997
Campbellsville University (Α Η Π chapter) ΑΨΩ Campbellsville, KY Spring 2014
Capital University ΑΨΩ Columbus, OH Spring 2016
Cardinal Stritch College ΑΨΩ Milwaukee, WI Spring 2003
Carl Sandburg College (#386 chapter) ΔΨΩ Galesburg, IL Spring 2008
Carroll College (Φ Σ chapter) ΑΨΩ Helena, MT Spring 1989
Carroll College (Ν Τ chapter) ΑΨΩ Waukesha, WI Spring 1978
Carson-Newman College (Η Β chapter) ΑΨΩ Jefferson City, TN Fall 2014
Carthage College (Η Ο chapter)  ΑΨΩ Kenosha, WI Spring 2015
Casper College ΔΨΩ Caspter, WY Spring 1987
Castleton State College ΑΨΩ Castleton, VT Fall 2009
Catawba College ΑΨΩ Salisbury, NC Summer 2010
Cazenovia College ΔΨΩ Cazenovia, NY Spring 1962
Cecil Community College ΔΨΩ North East, MD Spring 1978
Cedar Crest College (Ι Γ chapter) ΑΨΩ Allentown, PA Spring 2016
Cedarville University ΑΨΩ Cedarville, OH Fall 2009
Centenary College (Δ Ι chapter)  ΑΨΩ Shreveport, LA Summer 2016
Central College (Α Ζ chapter) ΑΨΩ Pella, IA Spring 2016
Central Community College - Platte Campus ΔΨΩ Columbus, NE Spring 1984
Central Connecticut State University ΑΨΩ New Britain, CT Fall 1999
Central Lakes College ΔΨΩ Brainerd, MN Spring 1955
Central Methodist University (Ζ Λ chapter) ΑΨΩ Fayette, MO Fall 2008
Central Michigan University (Κ Θ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Mt. Pleasant, MI Spring 2013
Central Piedmont Community College ΔΨΩ Charlotte, NC Summer 1973
Central State University (Τ Θ chapter) ΑΨΩ Wilberforce, OH Spring 1965
Central Washington State (Μ Τ chapter) ΑΨΩ Ellensburg, WA Fall 1985
Central Wyoming College ΔΨΩ Riverton, WY Spring 1983
Cerro Coso Community College ΔΨΩ Ridgecrest, CA Spring 1972
Chadron State College (Π Ξ chapter) ΑΨΩ Chadron, NE Fall 2003
Chaffey College ΔΨΩ Alta Loma, CA Fall 1966
Chaminade College of Honolulu (Η Ε chapter) ΑΨΩ Honolulu, HI Fall 1973
Champlain College ΔΨΩ Burlington, VT Fall 1963
Cheney University of Pennsylvania (Ψ Α chapter) ΑΨΩ Cheyney, PA Fall 2014
Chowan College ΔΨΩ Murfreesboro, NC Summer 1975
Christian Brothers University (Α Ζ Η chapter) ΑΨΩ Memphis, TN Spring 2008
Christopher Newport University (Α Δ Ζ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Newport News, VA Spring 2017
Cisco Junior College ΔΨΩ Cisco, TX Spring 1997
City University of New York (Π Μ chapter) ΑΨΩ Brooklyn, NY Fall 1960
Clarion University (Α Υ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Clarion, PA Spring 2015
Clark Atlanta University (Α Γ Ω chapter) ΑΨΩ Altanta, GA Fall 2018
Clemson University (Φ Α chapter) ΑΨΩ Clemson, SC Spring 1999
Cleveland State University (Κ Ζ chapter) ΑΨΩ Cleveland, OH Fall 1969
Clinton Community College ΔΨΩ Clinton, IA Spring 1970
Cloud County Community College ΔΨΩ Concordia, KS Fall 1982
Coastal Carolina University ΑΨΩ Conway, SC Spring 2019
Coe College (Ι Ρ chapter) ΑΨΩ Cedar Rapids, IA Spring 1990
Coffeyville Community Junior College ΔΨΩ Coffeyville, KS Fall 1996
Coker College (Α Β chapter) ΑΨΩ Hartsville, SC Spring 2008
Colby Community College ΔΨΩ Colby, KS Spring 1986
Colby-Sawyer College (Ψ Δ chapter) ΑΨΩ New London, NH Spring 1984
Colgate University (Α Ν chapter) ΑΨΩ Hamilton, NY Spring 1957
College of Alameda ΔΨΩ Alameda, CA Fall 1976
College of DuPage (398 chapter) ΔΨΩ Glen Ellyn, IL Spring 2018
College of Eastern Utah ΔΨΩ Price, UT Spring 1970
College of New Jersey (Α Γ Σ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Ewing, NJ Summer 2018
College of New Rochelle (Α Η Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ New Rochelle, NY Summer 2012
College of Notre Dame (Ν Λ chapter) ΑΨΩ Baltimore, MD Spring 1993
College of San Mateo ΔΨΩ San Mateo, CA Summer 1925
College of Southern Idaho ΔΨΩ Twin Falls, ID Spring 2003
College of Southern Maryland (#391 chapter) ΔΨΩ La Plata, MD Fall 2012
College of St. Teresa (Ν Ω chapter) ΑΨΩ Winona, MN Spring 1973
College of Steubenville (Σ Ν chapter) ΑΨΩ Steubenville, OH Fall 1972
College of the Albermarle ΔΨΩ Elizabeth City, NC Fall 2002
College of the Ozarks (Ζ Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ Clarksville, AR Spring 1980
College of the Sequois ΔΨΩ Visalia, CA Fall 1994
College of William and Mary (Α Δ Ν chapter)  ΑΨΩ Williamsburg, VA Spring 2014
College of Wooster (Α Η Λ chapter) ΑΨΩ Wooster, OH Spring 2014
Colorado Christian College ΑΨΩ Denver, CO Spring 1996
Colorado State University (Γ Ζ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Ft. Collins, CO Summer 2007
Columbia College (Ι Χ chapter) ΑΨΩ Columbia, SC Summer 1990
Columbus State University (Α Ε Ν chapter) ΑΨΩ Columbus, GA Spring 2015
Community College of Baltimore ΔΨΩ Baltimore, MD Spring 1992
Community College of Philadelphia ΔΨΩ Philadelphia, PA Fall 2015
Community College of the Finger Lakes ΔΨΩ Conandaigive, NY Summer 1967
Compton Community College ΔΨΩ Compton, CA Summer 1958
Concord College (Β Ξ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Athens, WV Fall 2006
Concordia College (Ω Λ chapter) ΑΨΩ Seward, NE Spring 2016
Concordia College (Α Α chapter) ΑΨΩ Moorhead, MN Fall 2016
Connors College ΔΨΩ Warner, OK Summer 1969
Converse College (Π Π chapter) ΑΨΩ Spartanburg, SC Spring 2014
Copiah-Lincoln Junior College ΔΨΩ Wesson, MS Spring 1985
Coppin State University (Α Ε Ρ chapter) ΑΨΩ Baltimore, MD Spring 2011
Cornell College (Α Α Γ chapter) ΑΨΩ Mt. Vernon, IA Summer 1993
Cottey College ΔΨΩ NV, MO Spring 2010
Creighton University (Μ Π chapter) ΑΨΩ Omaha, NE Spring 2016
Crowder College ΔΨΩ Neosho, MO Fall 1991
Cumberland University ΑΨΩ Lebanon, TN Fall 2003
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