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Last Dues Paid
Abilene Christian University (Ζ Α chapter) ΑΨΩ Abilene, TX Fall 2015
Abraham Baldwin College ΔΨΩ Tifton, GA Summer 1970
Acadia University (Δ chapter) ΑΨΩ Wolfville, No Canada Spring 1958
Adams State College (Μ Ε chapter) ΑΨΩ Alamosa, CO Summer 1972
Adelphi University (Μ Χ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Garden City, NY Fall 2014
Agnes Scott College (Τ Ν chapter) ΑΨΩ Decatur, GA Summer 1975
Aims College ΔΨΩ Greeley, CO Spring 1976
Alabama A & M University ΑΨΩ Normal, AL Spring 2002
Alabama Christian College (Ω Ι chapter) ΑΨΩ Montgomery, AL Spring 1985
Alabama State University (Χ Χ chapter) ΑΨΩ Montgomery, AL Summer 2014
Albany State University (Χ Δ chapter) ΑΨΩ Albany, GA Summer 2018
Albertson College (Idaho Η chapter)  ΑΨΩ Caldwell, ID Summer 2000
Albright College (Μ Σ chapter) ΑΨΩ Reading, PA Spring 1962
Alderson-Broaddus College (Δ Γ chapter) ΑΨΩ Philippi, WV Spring 2002
Alfred State College ΔΨΩ Alfred, NY Spring 1998
Allan Hancock College ΔΨΩ Santa Maria, CA Spring 1965
Alma College (Δ Β chapter)  ΑΨΩ Alma, MI Spring 2014
Alvin Community College ΔΨΩ Alvin, TX Spring 1987
Amarillo College ΔΨΩ Amarillo, TX Fall 2001
American University (Ι Φ chapter) ΑΨΩ WA, Di Spring 1969
American University (Μ Ζ chapter) ΑΨΩ Cairo, Egypt Spring 1969
American University of Kuwait (Α Θ Μ chapter) ΑΨΩ Safat, Ku Fall 2016
Anderson College ΔΨΩ Anderson, SC Spring 2008
Anderson University (Α Ε Ο chapter) ΑΨΩ Anderson, SC Spring 2015
Anderson University (Λ Θ chapter) ΑΨΩ Anderson, IN Summer 1996
Andrew College ΔΨΩ Cuthbert, GA Spring 2006
Angelina College ΑΨΩ Lufkin, TX Spring 1999
Angeline College ΔΨΩ Lufkin, TX Spring 1995
Angelo State University (Δ Ρ chapter) ΑΨΩ San Angelo, TX Fall 2017
Anne Arundel Community College ΔΨΩ Arnold, MD Summer 1975
Antelope Valley College ΔΨΩ Lancaster, CA Fall 1971
Appalachian State University (Λ Ζ chapter)  ΑΨΩ Boone, NC Spring 2015
Arapahoe College ΔΨΩ Littleton, CO Summer 1971
Arizona State University (Δ Λ chapter) ΑΨΩ Tempe, AZ Spring 1953
Arizona Western College ΔΨΩ Yuma, AZ Spring 1971
Arkansas State University (Λ Λ chapter) ΑΨΩ State University, AR Spring 1992
Arkansas State University ΔΨΩ Beebe, AR Fall 2015
Arkansas Tech. University (Ε Δ chapter) ΑΨΩ Russelville, AR Spring 2008
Armstrong College (Ζ Ν chapter) ΑΨΩ Berkeley, CA Spring 1954
Armstrong State University (Α Θ Ο chapter) ΑΨΩ Savannah, GA Spring 2017
Asbury College (Φ Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ Wilmore, KY Spring 1995
Ashland College (Ohio Ζ chapter) ΑΨΩ Ashland, OH Summer 2013
Athens State College (Μ Υ chapter) ΑΨΩ Athens, AL Summer 1979
Auburn University (Τ Γ chapter) ΑΨΩ Auburn, AL Spring 2013
Augustana College (Α Ω chapter)  ΑΨΩ Rock Island, IL Summer 2014
Augustana College (Θ Ψ chapter) ΑΨΩ Sioux Falls, SD Spring 2011
Aurora University (Τ Β chapter) ΑΨΩ Aurora, IL Spring 1993
Austin College (Ν Κ chapter) ΑΨΩ Sherman, TX Spring 2016
Austin Junior College ΔΨΩ Austin, MN Summer 1989
Austin Peay State University (Μ Ζ chapter) ΑΨΩ Clarksville, TN Spring 2016
Averett College (Χ Γ chapter) ΑΨΩ Danville, VA Spring 1998
Avila College (Ω Ζ chapter) ΑΨΩ Kansas City, MO Summer 1990
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